• How Not to Make French Press Coffee by Scott Coleman

    How Not to Make French Press Coffee by Scott Coleman
      And maybe a little bit about how to make yummy French Press coffee the right way. This is not a piston brewing method! Don't pretend it's a cylinder in a motor. In an engine, gas is sprayed into the cylinder then a spark ignites the fuel which is fed oxygen [air] to make up the fuel. The explosion fires the piston away from...
  • Brewing Coffee at Home !

    Brewing Coffee at Home !
    Too often, I sell a bag of coffee to someone, only to have them come back and let me know that it doesn’t taste as good as it does when I prepare it for them. I get questions like: “Why doesn’t my coffee taste as good at home?” “How do I know if I am making my coffee too strong or too weak?” and...
  • ‘A Pretty Good Shot’

    ‘A Pretty Good Shot’
    ‘A Pretty Good Shot’ Home Espresso Tips to Beginners Home espresso machines offer inexpensive drinks without leaving the house or office. Once your have got your espresso machine up and running you will undoubtedly want to start pulling shots, but for someone who has not prepared espresso in the past this can be a daunting task. Professional baristas at high-end cafes undergo hours of...
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