Citrus Berry Sage

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This Unique HERBAL very lightly Green Tea[d] is Chock-Full of Dried Fruits [Apple Bits, Pomegranate, Schizandra Berries, Jasmine Pearls and Orange Peels], Lavender, and Sage! Giving off an AMAZINGLY Delicious Scent and a Flavor to Match! Best Served Iced!! Unless you prefer it Hot. We merge the flavors of sun-ripened berries and tart citrus, with a touch of aromatic sage. This fusion of flavors is a perfect way to start your day or end your evening. Drink up!

What the heck is a Schizandra Berry???: 

Schisandra chinensis (five flavor fruit) is a fruit-bearing vine. It’s purple-red berries are described as having five tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, pungent, and sour. The seeds of the Schisandra berry contain lignans. These are substances which may have beneficial effects on health.

Schisandra isn’t typically used as a food. But it has been used for medicinal purposes throughout Asia and Russia for generations.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Schisandra is considered beneficial to qi [the life force energy], inherent in all living things. It’s thought to have a positive impact on several meridians, or pathways, in the body, including the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Let us know how it makes you feel?

Best Brew: 1 teaspoon tea - 8oz water - 212 degrees - Steep for 5 minutes



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