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Nicaragua - Medium Roast

Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters

We Taste: Chocolate, dried blueberry [like a fresh baked muffin with cinnamon], blackberry, good body [sweet fruit acidity like a Natural from Ethiopia or Kenya].

ENJOY!!! Discover amazing flavor & aroma. We know you will.

This lovely Nicaragua Natural is from a private farm in Monterrey, Aranjuez. Directly imported to a friend of ours. He and his Christian friends support this family since the father died and the widow has been left to run the farm herself in a male-dominated culture. Her son has some physical and mental challenges so he is not able to stand up for mom if she is placed in difficult situations, so our friends step in to make sure she gets the physical help she needs to run the farm and is treated fairly in the processing and export of her delicious coffee. 


"It reminds me of walking the streets of New York City early in the morning and passing by a nut roasting cart where the aroma of hot caramel and pecans wafting through the air bathes you in pleasure." 

 Rhoda the Realtor



Collections: Coffee

Category: Chocolate, coffee, fair trade, Natural, organic

Type: Coffee

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