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The Beauty in the Fruity

Glory Cloud Coffee

We are berry excited for this one.
This basket is chock full of our beloved fruit teas! not only delicious but immensely good for you too! 
Including a 2oz bag each of:
Citrus Berry Sage, this tea is the ideal fruity iced tea filled with dried pieces of apple, pomegranate, schizandra berries, and so much more!!
Blood Orange, packed with more health benefits than a whole foods, this rooibos tea is an amazing mixture of orange peels, apple pieces, and few dried flowers.
Apple Cider, this tea tastes like you cracked open a bottle of homemade apple cider! Also filled with dried apple pieces of course 
Lychee, a smooth fruity rendition of an old classic! Simple but everything you need!
Watermelon Peppermint, Ok I have a secret for you, don't tell anyone....There's no watermelon in this tea. Its dried papaya!!! Magic i know, but it is a pretty magical tea!
Ginger Honey Peach, this is definitely a good tea for when you're sick! The subtle peach flavor that follows after the gingery honey will help soothe that sore throat!!
We don't want to pear pressure you!
I don't carrot all if you get it or not, I'll still love you from my head tomatoes!!! 
(that was a stretch, I'm not sorry) 

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