In Good Health

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Featuring all of our "make you feel good" teas
( no aphrodisiacs included, wink wink ) 
this basket is meant to help with starting off the year right or just treating you body to something tasty but also filled with health benefits up the wazoo!
Includes 2oz bags of our:
Holy Detox, This is an all natural detox tea that will help you rid of any toxins and help you clear out your uh...system
Lavender Vanilla, A natural way to wind down after a long tiring day and because it is a lavender tea it is also a natural way to calm any anxiety!
Moroccan Mint, Great for soothing a sore throat, aiding weight loss, improving digestion, and can fight off some gnarly bad breath!
Blood Orange Tea, One of our main favorites that comes with a long list of health benefits that not only help with acne or sunburns but can even soothes stomach pains and colic in infants!   
Long Story Short: this Basket will help you relax, poop [but not too much], and keep you looking and feeling good
Be blessed and pursue your health with a lot of energy!
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