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Roastery is open M-F 8am-4pm for Tastes, Tours, Aromas, Drinks, Bags of coffees & teas and so much more.

Together: "We Make Life Taste Better" in every way. Thanks to our Arabica Q Grader [like a wine sommelier; only more rare], we provide the finest hand-craft roasted coffee (from the holy grail of green coffee beans), extravagant loose-leaf teas and herbal drinks from the best Fair Trade ethically sourced ingredients available on the planet. We are here to provide you the best products, educate you about coffees and teas, get you excited about amazing health benefits and make your beverages more flavorful and aromatic to improve your life and flavor pleasure.

If you want to pickup curbside at the roastery, order online and click on "pickup" at check out.

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Explore great coffee. Discover your dreams. Change the world. Make earth better. Save the galaxy & cosmos with coffees, teas and herbal beverages.

We Are a Values Driven Team

You are amazing; therefore, you deserve great beans & leaves.

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Craft Roasted coffee being dropped into cooling tray so get subscribed


Our Motto:

Honor All: Treat all people with value and respect; staff, guests, suppliers, producers, future customers, detractors and competitors. Do what is right to get the best ethically sourced products at a fair trade value to provide for the farmers, pickers and processors.

Core Values:

Be Excellent - Source, produce and provide the best artisan coffees and teas in the billions of galaxies in our universe. Go well beyond the expected in providing fantastic customer care.

Be Kind - Exude integrity, consideration, generosity and compassion in every relationship.

Appreciate -  Take nothing and no one for granted. Be excited about every day, event, connection, relationship, product, delivery and detail of our business and relationships.

Serve Each Other - Make this our attitude and motivation in how we make all the above happen. Every person and detail matters.

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Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters

We value and protect our culture of honor and respect that treats all people with value, integrity, honesty and compassion. This creates a brilliant, valuable and valued staff and clientele whom we desire to be life-long friends. Our team is passionate about learning, improving our knowledge and skills in all aspects of this exciting taste extravaganza business.

Our coffee and tea experience and knowledge place us on the cutting edge of creating the best coffee and tea beverages around. We pursue being on the front end of bringing in or creating trends. Reno/Sparks, Nevada is often 5-10 years behind trends in food and drinks so we strive to explore these in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc. to experiment with how we can lead Reno into new experiences in taste, aroma and health.


We Make Life Taste Better

Craft Roasted coffee being dropped into cooling tray so get subscribed

"I discovered this amazing spot today. Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters have a great coffee and tea selection and I love the atmosphere of the place! I had strawberry chocolate pu’erh tea. It was the best tea I’ve ever had, so I had to buy a bag!"

Amanda H

"It reminds me of walking the streets of New York City early in the morning and passing by a nut roasting cart where the aroma of hot caramel and pecans wafting through the air bathes you in pleasure." - Nicaragua coffee

Rhoda the Realtor

"This is the best detox tea I have ever tasted! I am now enjoying it everyday and feeling great! This is a delicious tea and a great choice for anyone looking for the health benefits from natural herbal detox or just a refreshing cup of herbal tea."

Karen B.

Scott Coleman Honor and Respect All People with Love and Grace in Jesus Christ Messiah Savior

"Have you ever tasted a fresh, wonderful cup of coffee or loose leaf tea that you did not want to add stuff to? We want to provide you this opportunity to enhance your life's flavor pleasure and make you more powerful and invigorated; able to leap large animals; more financially successful, better looking, stronger, more efficient and productive: perhaps."

Scott, CEO

herbal no caffeine decaf fruit flavor aroma savor delicious

"Hi Scott, Thanks again for the amazing tea! The detox is very nice, better than just a plain peppermint, it's a bit fruity and naturally sweet."

Amanda B

"You guys have hands down the best coffee that I have ever tasted. I have to be honest, I ran out of beans this week, and threw a k-cup in my Keurig that was a gift from a family member and I took a few sips and threw it away. As a cop, I drink coffee daily, usually in large quantities, and having tried coffee all over the place, I can’t say I’ve had better tasting coffee anywhere else. Brewing Glory Cloud Coffee at home has been a game changer in my household. Thank you for putting together such a great product. I rave to people about Glory Cloud, but I know how it goes, people are creatures of habit, and most just fall back in line at Starbucks.”

Cheers, Officer P.