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About Us

Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters is devoted to excellence in all we do! For your pleasure we offer the finest hand-crafted coffee [from the holy grail of green coffee beans], extravagant loose-leaf tea and use the finest ingredients. We aim for excellence in the way we treat our guests, staff, suppliers and other coffee companies.  We celebrate Starbucks for bringing a coffee movement that changed the world. This allowed us to have our own opportunity to bring a new wave of wonderful tasting coffees and teas. We offer our enticing products and beverages in a fun and informative style that encourages everyone to be part of a taste and aroma experience adventure.


What we do:

  • Using science and artisan skill we craft roast coffee for individuals and wholesale clients using the best available coffee beans [the seed of the coffee tree cherry-like fruit] [we call it a bean because it looks like a bean; but, it is a seed],
  • Develop cold brew on tap with or without nitrogen service for restaurants & cafes and a bottled Ready To Drink cold brew in a variety of flavors with our wonderful partner,
  • Offer loose-leaf tea packaged in a variety of ways to meet wholesale, cafe and individual in-person retail or online orders,
  • We host coffee and tea educational classes at our roastery to train our friends on how to make the best beverages from our products; this is a key piece to our marketing strategy of being known as educators and experts in the field while offering a fun experience as we build ongoing friendship to family relationships.
  • For those serious about their coffee and tea we offer consulting to measure the quality of your water, coffee grind, coffee & tea extraction and offer guidance on how to improve your operation to optimize equipment and the amazing flavors of our coffees and teas that you serve your family, guests and friends.


Our Vision:

  • We have a culture of honor and respect on the leadership team that treats all people with integrity, honesty and compassion. This creates a valuable and valued staff and clientele. What you see and experience is what you get.
  • Our leadership team is passionate about learning and improving our knowledge and skills in all aspects of the business because we value you.


  Ronda Hartley is an expert in business, customer service, brand building, marketing, operations & process implementation and improvement. She is the COO who gets stuff done [GSD Dept.]. She was Master Certified with Mercedes-Benz USA and created massively successful Business Development Centers for GM and MBUSA. She will help you get all you need in the way you want it.
  Angalique Hartley-Brown is our Social Media Wizard and Packaging Engineer. She creates all the amazing posts that make us all look great. Her passion for tea will inspire you. Come and visit with her about tea to see her eyes light up. She may even dance a bit while she lights up the room with her effervescent smile.


  Scott Coleman is the CEO business guy and by far the shortest person on the team--including his hair. He was also Master Certified with Mercedes-Benz USA and is a process development and implementation guru. His main role is building customers and unleashing the passion in every person he meets. Come and get inspired while enjoying our tasty products.

  Hayden Moore is our Arabica Coffee Q Grader and Tea Sommelier consultant. He has been passionate about creating the most amazing coffee and teas since 2004. Come and get the best coffees and teas for you, your family and the office you will ever taste.

If you enjoy coffee cupping, then we are here for you to enhance your passion and expertise. 

We have a great space for training, education, events and meetings. We can talk about coffee, tea, our core values and share our story while you build your team. It is a goooooood time.


This lovely San Franciscan Roaster is designed and manufactured from sheet metal 35 minutes south of us in Carson, City, NV.

Our amazing espresso grinder and Slayer Steam-X espresso machine. Come and learn about espresso and how to make your own drinks. Taste wonderful flavors. Savor amazing aromas. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. Prepare to be amazed.

This 1 kilogram roaster was how we started in Scott's kitchen. This Mill City Roaster has moved onto a friend's home now.

When the our large coffee orders arrive, we sample roast to a target profile, cup and score each bean to help us dial in the best flavor that is hidden in these little gems of flavor and design the roast for the bean, not our preference. We have something for everyone. We work hard to please you all.