Apple Cider

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One of the best hot, non-caffeine beverages your heart and palate will ever discover.

Also, makes a fantastic adult beverage mixer! Just sayin'.

Tastes Just like Apple Cider! No Sugar Needed. Green Rooibos [no caffeine], Cinnamon Pieces, Dried Apple Pieces with a Crisp Flavor. Iced it is like a cool apple on a summers day. Hot it is like apple pie at Thanksgiving or hot cider after trick-or-treating so you can warm back up. So many emotions will flow from drinking this lovely herbal.


Best Brew: 1 teaspoon tea - 8oz water - 208 degrees - Steep for 5-7 minutes.


The smell alone makes for a great room aroma! 

Makes a yummy adult drink mixer when you don't have apple juice or cider hanging around. Provides a nuanced flavor that will make your soul happier.

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