Brazil - Light Roast [Rosa Morena - Mogiano]

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We taste: balanced, honey, almond, milk chocolate, slight fruity.

The Natural process adds a sweet fruit acidity that will shock your taste buds with yumminess that makes your heart twitter-pate; or, something like that. [Insert your own cool taste phrases here.]

This Brazil natural presents a symmetrical combination of soft acidity, delicate sweetness, balanced body and a predominant floral aroma.

This natural fine cup coffee from Cerrado Mineiro or Alta Mogiana surprises by the delicacy of the notes and its incomparable flavor.

Species: 100% Arábica
Origin: Brazil (Cerrado Mineiro or Alta Mogiana)
Processing: Natural
Quality: Fine Cup Superior Line
Screens: 14/16 | 17/18 | Moka
NY Types: 2 | 2/3 | 3/4 | 4/5
A.K.A.: Brazil Cerrado Coffee or Brazil Mogiana Coffee

VarietalCaturra, Bourbon, Mundo Novo

Elevation: 3-4,000 feet above sea level [1-1,300 MASL]



This is our fabulous, all-purpose entry point premium coffee designed as a roast to make your life better through fantastic taste, value and joy.


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