Brazil - Light Roast [Rosa Morena - Mogiano]

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This is our Premium Home and Office affordable luxury coffee. Get this. Not that cheap, crappy, convenient nastiness at the store. Wake up to flavor pleasure with this Joy Juice.


We taste: balanced, honey, almond, milk chocolate, slight fruity.

This is our Premium Office and Business [Get Stuff Done!] coffee.

The Natural process adds a sweet fruit acidity that will shock your taste buds with yumminess that makes your heart twitter-pate; or, something like that. [Insert your own cool taste phrases here.]

This Brazil natural presents a symmetrical combination of soft acidity, delicate sweetness, balanced body and a predominant floral aroma.

This natural fine cup coffee from Cerrado Mineiro or Alta Mogiana surprises by the delicacy of the notes and its incomparable flavor.

Species: 100% Arábica
Origin: Brazil (Cerrado Mineiro or Alta Mogiana)
Processing: Natural
Quality: Fine Cup Superior Line
Screens: 14/16 | 17/18 | Moka
NY Types: 2 | 2/3 | 3/4 | 4/5
A.K.A.: Brazil Cerrado Coffee or Brazil Mogiana Coffee

VarietalCaturra, Bourbon, Mundo Novo

Elevation: 3-4,000 feet above sea level [1-1,300 MASL]



This is our fabulous, all-purpose entry point premium coffee designed as a roast to make your life better through fantastic taste, value and joy.


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