House Blend [more than just Espresso - Medium Roast]

ESP - 6
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Makes a fabulous brew every way you prepare it: drip, French press, pour over, cowboy coffee, AeroPress, HiBear [], flying Wallendas, dirty sock over a camp fire... 

Drink this in your house, with a mouse, on the couch, in your office, with your boss, with your minions, under a tree, by some bees, drink this everywhere............. 

This is our 'gold standard' awesome Espresso blend that tastes like: Tamarind, apricot, ripe blue berries and a bit vegetal!


Espresso blends vary by seasonal availability around the globe. Our smooth espresso blends are nearly always a 75% smooth and full bodied South American coffee blended with 25% of an African coffee from either Ethiopia or Kenya which have a bit of a fruity acidity on the back of your tongue like a blackberry, raspberry or strawberry. Too little African and you get a bit of a bland taste. Too much and the lovely acidity becomes overpowering which can make the taste sour or bitter. To make the best espresso aim for these targets for a double espresso: 200 degree F brew temp, 18 grams of finely ground espresso coffee, tamped level so that it takes 23-25 seconds to brew 35 grams of espresso through your fancy machine.



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