Smelling the Leaves

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Do you ever stop to smell the roses? What about smelling the tea leaves?
We've made a collection with the best scents that leave a lasting impression!
Enjoy the fragrance in these 2oz bags of:
Red Hot, the second you open up this tea you will be hit with a strong scent of the old classic candy
White Chocolate Peppermint, greeted by the pleasant smell of peppermint followed by the sweet aroma of white chocolate will truly bring a smile to your face each time
Chai, you'll never forget the classic scent of a good chai once you catch a whiff of this one
Ginger Honey Peach, the combination of the powerful ginger, sweet honey, and subtle fruity peach will make this an instant favorite 
Apple Cider, a warm seasonal scent that will fill the area with the sweet aroma of apples and cinnamon
I don't nose about you, but we are excited for you to experience all of these favorites! 
( it took everything in me not to make a fart joke )
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