French Roast - Medium [almost Dark] Roast

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We spent a lot of time developing roast profiles for our French Roast that maintain the natural unique flavors and sugars of the bean and give you the rich, bold flavors you look for in this darker roast. Sit back, relax and enjoy a steaming cup of lusciousness with a glory cloud hovering over the surface of this amazing liquid happiness. Our French is a little lighter than most [some call this "Full City Roast"] so you can still taste the bean's unique and amazing flavors from its country of origin, elevation, climate and soil. You may even detect a little bit of smoky flavor to enhance the richness of the body and aroma while not overpowering you with the dark oils coming through during second crack.

 Bold. Strong. Tasty. Classic. 

 Can you tell which bean this is? One of our premium beans is roasted darker to make this desirable, viscous favorite. Oh, and we use the same bean to make our super dark roast Italian.


No, it is not the one from Jupiter.

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