Honduras Marcala - Medium Roast

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What we taste: tropical, orange, blueberry.

Do you remember this note from our Nicaragua Natural: dried blueberry [like a fresh baked muffin with cinnamon]? There is a hint of this in this lovely Honduras.

Surrounded by sweetgum forests and a sheltering mountain range that form a perfect climactic bubble, Guama Danta has an ideal, mild coffee growing climate. Farmers have been taking advantage of these conditions for the last four generations, consistently producing high-quality coffees. Surrounded by forests and reaching altitudes of 5,575 feet, Guama Danta has all of the necessary conditions for growing high quality coffees. The wet and dry seasons are well defined, ensuring proper flowering and fruit development ahead of the January harvest.

Fair trade, harvested by producers whose farms are above 1,500 MSNM, mainly of the Catuaí, Borbón, Typica and icatú varieties. Coffee blends from different producers, resulting in profiles greater than 85 points, according to the SCAA scale. Any coffee from the COMSA coffee offer is prepared with a maximum of 8 secondary defects, with profiles above 80 points, clean cup produced in the Marcala region.

Species: 100% Arábica
Processing: Natural SHG EP, COMSA

VarietalCaturra, Bourbon, Typica and icatú

Elevation: ~4-5,000 feet above sea level [1,400-1,600 MASL]


This one is Scott's favorite...because he is blue, daba dee daba da.


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