Indonesia Java Blawan - Medium Roast

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Cupping notes: subtle dried apricot, pear, medium acidity, big round body, slightly tea like, herbal, spicy, very balanced

Coffee cultivation in Indonesia holds a 300 year old story which has been significantly influenced by the Dutch colonization. Today Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world. Approximately 85% of East Java Arabica coffees are owned and driven by PTP, standing for the official governmental organization that was founded in 1894 under the Dutch. The remaining 15% of the coffee production is in the hands of farmers that own very small plots of land using traditional processing techniques. Compared to other Indonesian coffees which are mostly semi-washed resp. wet-hulled, these estate coffees from Java including the Blawan and Jampit estates are fully washed. This processing has a significant impact on the flavor due to the fermentation process of approximately 36 hours. After drying the coffee down to a humidity content of approx. 12% the coffees beans are carefully hand-sorted leading to a very consistent and clean cup profile. The Blawan plantation covers a total of 1.250ha while Jampit plantation covers 1.400ha.

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Indonesia washed Java Blawan and Jampit Estate Preanger/Washed Process


Origin: Indonesia

Region: Ljen Plateau, East Java

Organization: Estates

Estate names: Blawan & Jampit

Elevation: ~3,400-5,000 feet above sea level [1,100 - 1,600 MASL meters above sea level]

Variety: Java Typica, Catimor

Harvest period: May - August

Classification: A/WP (=Arabica washed preparapation– 1x (= Screen. 17)

Processing: fully washed

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