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This basket was made for indulging in some decadent but healthy teas.
Named after a very...Scroogelike man, we won't expect you to share but we do expect you to tease others about having it all to yourself.
( no shade no tea )
Featuring 2oz each of our:
Strawberry Chocolate Pu'erh, littered with little nuggets of chocolate nibs and freeze dried strawberries, this pu'erh tea will hit that sweet tooth just right!
Chocolate & Grapefruit, the taste and scent of this black tea will leave you with a glorious mixture of tangy and sweet
White Chocolate Peppermint, a seasonal favorite to replace a cup of hot cocoa for those nights you want to feel a little more...grown up
( add peppermint vodka, trust me )
It's ok to hog them!! Just don't forget them in the back of the cabinet. 
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