A Yelp Review Was So Great It Became This Blog Post

This entire write up and the wonderful photos are from a new friend who went on to write this amazing Yelp review. She gave me permission to share. Without further ado; words from a friend:


Fresh roasted coffee beans in the cooling tray


There's so much here!

I was in the neighborhood while my car was being serviced and walked over to check this place out and have a coffee. I walked into some powerful good coffee smells! The front of the shop is cozy and has a fountain, art from local artists on display, and coffee and tea for sale (yep, in addition to coffee, there's delicious loose leaf tea!).

The San Franciscan Roaster Company SF-25  face


I was greeted warmly by Darla, a co-owner, and ventured into the main (cavernous!) space - used for roasting, packaging, and serving coffee and tea.

I opted for a mocha after Darla told me they have Dorinda's Chocolates' salted caramel and chocolate syrups for drinks. It was not too sweet - just perfect.



A lovely caramel latte with weird foam art

[Note: no comments from the gallery about this abstract Picasso child work of art and pleasure.]

So, you can easily buy a variety of quantities of coffee and/or tea, or have a delicious beverage, and if you're lucky - enjoy the roasting process! I was that lucky the other morning. Scott, who owns and runs the business with his wife Darla, is super kind and showed me the whole process, explaining all of it (except, of course, the top secret details of their recipes and processes that make Glory Cloud coffee the most delicious). They buy arabica beans from lots of different countries and their house coffee is a blend of 4 different beans that I had to buy a bag of so I can start lots more mornings with these flavors.  Prices are super reasonable and you can order on their website and have them arrive on your doorstep, easy peasy!


Come and get drinks with Chad, our hipster barista Ken Barbie doll employee

Next time, I'll go on an exploratory tea mission and report back! It's just so hard to pass up the beans of glory. But Scott and Darla are so nice, service was great, drinks are top notch - I will definitely be back for more of all of it.


Halloween dinosaur hangs out all year for your fun and enjoyment

A small sample of the green [unroasted coffee cherry seeds we call beans].


Our basic coffee and tea drink menu price sheet



raw green coffee cherry seeds [we call them beans]


Thanks to all with love, honor, grace and respect from Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters.

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