Celebrate National Coffee Day with These Top Picks from Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters


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National Coffee Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters' top picks? We're not just about brewing the perfect cup of coffee; we're committed to ethical sourcing and excellent customer service, making your coffee experience even more enjoyable. Our motto, "We Make Life Taste Better," rings true as you indulge in our carefully selected blends and brews. So, get ready to raise your mugs and toast to a day dedicated to all things coffee!

Top Picks for Celebrating National Coffee Day

Get ready to embark on a flavorful journey with these top picks from Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters, perfect for celebrating National Coffee Day. Each coffee and tea blend is carefully chosen for its unique taste and background, giving you a taste of the world in every sip.

First, let's travel to the isolated Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains with our Colombia - Light Roast. This coffee is a delight to the senses, featuring pleasant citric acidity, a sweet and silky body, and a smoothly balanced aroma that will have you craving more.

Next up, the Honduras Marcala - Medium Roast - Whole Bean, a coffee that transports you to sweetgum forests and a sheltering environment. Its tropical, orange, and blueberry flavors make for a refreshingly fruity experience.

For tea lovers, our Red Hot Candy Black Tea is an irresistible blend of Chinese black tea with cinnamon, orange peel, cloves, and natural flavors – it's like liquid Red Hot Candy!

Our House Blend, more than just espresso, is a medium roast coffee that makes a fabulous brew every way you prepare it. With its versatile flavor profile, you can't go wrong with this choice.

Explore the rich indigenous culture and stunning natural habitats of Guatemala with our Guatemala Huehuetenango - Light Roast. This coffee offers juicy cherry, orange, and chocolate flavors, combined with complex undertones.

Looking for an affordable luxury? The Brazil - Light Roast [Rosa Morena - Mogiano] is perfect for both home and office, with its balanced, honey, almond, milk chocolate, and slight fruity flavors.

Experience the cradle of coffee with our Ethiopia - [Sidamo Washed G2] Light [almost Medium] Roast, famous for its citrus notes. This coffee features orange, peach, lemon flavors, medium body, and bright acidity.

For those who prefer a bolder taste, our French Roast - Medium [almost Dark] Roast maintains the natural unique flavors and sugars of the bean, offering a rich and bold experience.

Another Ethiopian option, the Ethiopia - [Sidamo G2 Natural] Medium Roast, is reminiscent of blackberries with its cherry, plum, nectarine flavors, medium body, and medium spicy acidity.

Fear not, decaf lovers! Our Decaf - Swiss Water Process - Medium Roast is a fantastic decaf coffee with great taste and none of the caffeine. You won't even miss it!

Finally, our Indonesia Java Blawan - Medium Roast is influenced by Dutch colonization, offering subtle dried apricot, pear flavors, medium acidity, and a big round body. A truly unique and satisfying brew.

Brewing Methods for Enjoying Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters' Top Picks

Now that you've got your top picks ready for National Coffee Day, let's explore the different brewing methods to make the most of these delightful flavors. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to brewing, so feel free to experiment and find the method that best suits your taste buds and, of course, your mood!

Drip brewing is a popular and straightforward method that many coffee lovers use daily. It's fuss-free and produces a consistent cup every time.

For a richer, fuller-bodied coffee, the French press is your friend. This method allows the coffee grounds to steep, extracting bold flavors from your favorite beans.

Looking for a clean, bright coffee experience? Try the pour-over method. It requires a bit more attention, but the resulting cup is well worth the effort, showcasing the delicate notes of your chosen coffee.

Feeling a bit adventurous? Channel your inner cowboy and brew some cowboy coffee. It's a rustic, no-nonsense method that involves boiling coffee grounds directly in water. Just be cautious of rogue grounds sneaking into your cup!

Last but not least, the AeroPress is a versatile, easy-to-use brewing device that produces a smooth, concentrated coffee. It's perfect for those who like to tweak their brewing variables to find the perfect cup.

Sip, Savor, and Celebrate

As we wrap up our National Coffee Day celebration, let's take a moment to appreciate the fantastic flavors and experiences that Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters has to offer. From the pleasant citric acidity of the Colombia - Light Roast to the juicy cherry, orange, and chocolate flavors of the Guatemala Huehuetenango - Light Roast, there's a brew for every taste and mood.

Don't forget the diverse brewing methods we explored, like the simple drip, the rich French press, the clean pour-over, the rustic cowboy coffee, and the versatile AeroPress. Each method brings out unique qualities in our top picks, so feel free to experiment and find your perfect cup!

So, go ahead, raise your mugs, and let's toast to National Coffee Day with Glory Cloud Coffee

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