Discover Our House Blend: Perfect for All Brewing Methods

Discover Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters' House Blend: A Versatile Coffee Experience

Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters is passionate about offering high-quality, ethically sourced coffee products. Their popular House Blend stands out as an exceptional choice for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy versatility in their brewing methods. The following sections will delve into the unique flavor profile, composition, and brewing recommendations of this delightful blend, showcasing its suitability for various brewing techniques. Some people believe you can only use an "espresso" blend in an espresso machine. That's not true. We use this for our House Espresso. We took "espresso" off the label to help remove any confusion. 

Exploring the Unique Flavor Profile and Composition of the House Blend

The exceptional taste of Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters' House Blend comes from a harmonious fusion of South American and African coffee beans. This blend consists of 75% smooth, full-bodied South American coffee, which provides a solid foundation for the brew. The remaining 25% is made up of fruity African coffee from Ethiopia or Kenya, adding a delightful burst of acidity to the mix.

When it comes to flavor notes, the House Blend offers a delightful symphony of tastes. You can expect hints of tamarind, apricot, and ripe blueberries, accompanied by a subtle vegetal undertone. The fruity acidity from the African beans brings forward notes of blackberry, raspberry, or strawberry, creating a well-rounded and invigorating coffee experience.

Mastering the Art of Brewing with the House Blend

One of the standout qualities of Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters' House Blend is its adaptability to various brewing methods. Whether you prefer drip, French press, pour over, cowboy coffee, AeroPress, HiBear, Flying Wallendas, or even the unconventional dirty sock over a campfire, this versatile blend will shine through and deliver a great coffee experience.

When it comes to brewing the perfect espresso, a few recommendations will help you achieve that "gold standard" awesome espresso blend quality. Aim for a brew temperature of 200 degrees F, use 18 grams of finely ground espresso coffee, and ensure a brewing time of 23-25 seconds for 35 grams of espresso. With these guidelines, you'll be well on your way to enjoying a truly exceptional cup of coffee.

How to Purchase Your Perfect House Blend

Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters offers the House Blend in 12 oz and 16 oz sizes, catering to various coffee needs. To further customize your order, you can choose from a range of grind sizes, including whole bean, drip grind, fine grind, espresso grind, Turkish grind, and coarse grind. This way, you can enjoy your preferred brewing method with ease.

For those who want to keep their coffee stock replenished, a subscription option is available with a 20% discount. This ensures you'll always have your favorite House Blend on hand, ready to be brewed whenever you need that perfect cup of coffee.

If you prefer to pick up your coffee in person, Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters has you covered. Your order is usually ready for pickup within 24 hours, ensuring a fresh and flavorful coffee experience every time.

Contrasting the House Blend with Other Single-Origin Coffees

Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters offers a variety of exceptional single-origin coffees, including the popular Guatemala Huehuetenango and Brazil options. Each of these single-origin coffees boasts distinct flavors and characteristics that appeal to different taste preferences.

However, the House Blend sets itself apart by offering a unique and versatile flavor profile that caters to a wide range of brewing methods. The harmonious blend of South American and African coffee beans creates a well-rounded and invigorating taste experience, making it an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate adaptability in their brews.

Experience the Magic of the House Blend

In summary, the House Blend from Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters stands out with its versatility and unique flavor profile, making it an ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate trying different brewing methods. We encourage you to explore the rich taste of the House Blend and discover the other ethically sourced products offered by Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters.

Ready to treat your taste buds? Try the House Blend today by visiting and enjoy a truly exceptional coffee experience.

And, remember.... Together: "We Make Life Taste Better"

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