Random Thoughts Kinda Like FAQ's:

Random Thoughts Kinda Like FAQ's:

Are we a coffee shop? Kinda. We are the "coffee near me" you are looking for. So, I guess we are a coffee shops near you who also has the best coffee near me. Which, would then make us a cafe near me, since we have a coffee bar, we are also a tea shop, so we complete your search for "tea near me." And we have zero caffeine herbal brews for your flavor pleasure, taste bud joys.

Are you looking for good coffee, cafe with wifi, caffeine in coffee, how to make coffee, then come on into the roastery for a tour and tasting.

Organic, Fair Trade and/or Ethically Sourced: Here are most of the buzz words people are looking for when they are concerned about these phrases. Most coffee is grown in second and third world regions where there is no access to the nasty pesticides, GMO's or other icky bits that make things inorganic in the USA. We search hard primarily for Fair Trade and Ethically Sourced which mostly mean that the farmer's, pickers and processors are receiving a living wage for their efforts at working to provide for their families. Organic is a weird word that can mean or not mean what we think it is supposed to mean. If it relates to USA FDA requirements, it usually means that a large corporation bought the farm; seriously. So, some big company now owns the third world farm and implements the USA FDA requirements to put the "Organic" stamp on the bag and product. This can also mean the locals are no longer owners and become laborers who may not always be receiving the same living wage we prefer for them. Then, when the product enters the USA there are all kinds of paper trail and manufacturing processes added on that can be expensive for small companies to obtain with little pay off or necessity for the massive effort. Sometimes we purchase a coffee with the organic stamp on it but we do not find it worth our effort to jump through the FDA hoops to get their approval. Therefore, our coffees do not get stamped.


Do you wonder, is coffee bad for you? Nope, it is not. Well, unless you have a caffeine intolerance or it is brewed with too many of the grounds getting into your brew: TDS [Total Dissolved Solids too high can mess up your stomach]. Powdery grounds at the bottom of a blade grinder can dissolve into your brew and give you a stomach ache.

Does coffee cause cancer? Only for CA politicians and lawyers. So, NO! Are you crazy? Yes. Is coffee good for you? Possibly. We recommend drinking less than 7 cups per day, but we are not doctors, so we don't know if it causes insulin spikes, caffeine spikes, or other maladies or mad ladies.

French Press coffee can be a mess so refer to our video blog for how to properly make it.

We do not have k-cup single-serve manufacturing capabilities and do not like them since the coffee needs to go stale before finishing the packaging or it literally would blow it's lid. Thus, convenient single-serve coffee is always stale! It's also quite expensive per lb.

How to make bad coffee: Coffee sucks when you brew it poorly, grind it too fine or coarse, or get bad beans from the farm or sloppily roasted. We are nerds without being snobs. Hopefully, you will find our coffees and teas to be wonderful flavor pleasure.

Does coffee make you poop? That's a question only you can answer. If you eat good food that grew naturally and wasn't made in a manufacturing plant, you may not need to worry about this. It's not really even a diuretic. One report we found said it was 2-3% more of a diuretic than plain water. Pretty miniscule.

What is the best home coffee maker? The one you will use and enjoy. Come in for a visit and we can guide your purchasing decision. We do not have a brand sponsorship, so we can be 'somewhat' objective and will do our best to get you what you want.

We will help you learn how to brew coffee with whatever brewing device you use. We are here to give you amazingly awesome and ridiculously wonderful customer service.

Does coffee dehydrate you? From what we have read it is only slightly more than water. If you have enough electrolytes in your system [Sodium, potassium and magnesium], then you are less likely to have a diuretic effect. It's not really even a diuretic. One report we found said it was 2-3% more of a diuretic than plain water. Pretty miniscule.

We have the best cold brew coffee in the galaxy. We believe we do. We will let you know if this changes. What is cold brew? It is coarse ground coffee brewed in the fridge or room temp for 16-22 hours. Use a lot of grounds: 1 pound of coarse ground coffee per 1 gallon of water and you will get concentrate which then can be thinned with two parts water, ice, milks, ice cream or... Or, don't thin and run a marathon daily or do three WOD's.

Is bulletproof 'whatever' able to stop bullets? Are we talking about coffee, flack jackets, or what? We don't offer any of that stuff, so we don't know. Just eat eggs and bacon or sausage for breakfast and you will get all the fats and some protein to go with your AM coffee. Skip the pancakes or cereal [all carbs] and you accomplish a very similar result. If you don't want to do that, use MCT oil, coconut oil and or butter [ghee] and blend until frothy.

Do we Decaf? If we have too. Most often our Decaf coffee is Swiss Water Process [SWP] and sometimes from a sugarcane process. Neither use weird chemicals to extract the caffeine molecules. SWP says they are over 99% caffeine free while the other is about 97% non-amped. SWP uses some highfalutin water bath ion charge process to have the oppositely charged water pull out the caffeine molecule. If you want to nerd out on the other process, here is how the sugarcane thing works:




Life Charge:

Be warm, cool, loved and all other desired adjectives as needed to live an amazing and fulfilling life here on earth. Be wild, dangerous, creative, passionate, in flux, meditative and strong. Lift weights: gain muscle and bone density. Be a jacked old fart like Scott, the owner dude.


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