How Not to Make French Press Coffee by Scott Coleman

And maybe a little bit about how to make yummy French Press coffee the right way.

This is not a piston brewing method! Don't pretend it's a cylinder in a motor. In an engine, gas is sprayed into the cylinder then a spark ignites the fuel which is fed oxygen [air] to make up the fuel. The explosion fires the piston away from the explosion. This is NOT how to make French Press coffee!

Hopefully this video helps you see what you are doing right and wrong or can just have friends watch to fix their crazy methods. 

Brewing Method

1) Pour hot water into the French Press to warm it up while you gather and grind the beans.

2) Gather enough beans to make a 1:12 to 1:14 ratio of beans to water. Use your calculator as needed. Easy start is 1 ounce of coffee for 12 to 14 ounces of hot water. Crazy thing here is you might be a normal person who doesn't have a scale to weigh things this small in your kitchen or office. If not, a rough estimate is one ounce of light roast coffee beans is just under 1/3 cup by volume. So, 2/3 measuring cup of whole beans tastes best with 24-28 ounces of hot water. Ground beans take up a bit less volume.

3) Grind the beans. A burr grinder gives the best results because it creates even particles of similar size. Aim for coarse ground peppercorn size. A blade grinder, similar to a blender, can give multiple sedimentary layers like the earth's crust. The fine powder [dust] at the bottom will dissolve in your brew and tends to increase the acid level in the brew and bother people's stomachs.

4) Pour the water out of the press. Gently 'dump' the grounds into the bottom of the press. Pour in about twice the volume of water to grounds. This is your bloom and wet cycle. Gently stir without agitation the mixture to make sure all the grounds are wet. Let this bloom for about 30 seconds including stir time.

5) Pour in the rest of the water gently again; not like a crashing waterfall. Calmly and gently place on the press lid without plunging. Let the coffee steep for four minutes. You may want to use a timer for best brew flavor.

6) Gently plunge the press down slowly but do not squish the grounds to the bottom. Leave a little bit of water above the grounds below the plunger. The brew should have a silky viscosity as you plunge. If it is difficult to press down, your grind is too fine; like you. If it plunges easily, your grind may be a little too coarse.

7) Pour your lovely cups of Fresh brewed French Press coffee. If the press still has coffee brew in it, pour the rest into a carafe or whatever else you have, decanter, bowl, pot, cup, etc. Point being, get the coffee beverage out of the press so it doesn't continue extracting and wind up tasting like crappy restaurant coffee. Enjoy your great tasting brew that you worked so hard to achieve.


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