Serve Each Other - A Core Value of Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters



Another great core value. Some fear the phrase. Why are soooooo many afraid to serve. It’s not a dirty word. It has 5 letters! Chill out. You don’t need to be a door mat, floor mat, brown hat.

Serve Each Other - Make this our attitude and motivation in how we make all the above happen. Every person and detail matters. Sales is service. Customer service is everyone’s job. Leaders serve their teams. Employees interacting with customers [guests] follow the lead of their managers and those guiding the organization.

We are often stunned by how bad people are at service; especially, when they are in sales and service. It’s their whole role! Why do so many suck at it so bad! It IS your job!!!!

Take care of others. Get your guests [since I don’t want to call clients ‘customers’ but friends and guests] what they desire and want. Help them discover what they want. This is the needs analysis.

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