Tea Steeping Wisdom for Flavor Pleasure



Here is how to use a Tuffy Steeper safely for the most tasty. This is a quick explanation of our teas and herbals and the brewing instructions on the bottom of our label. Want some flavor pleasure? Need to taste Joy? We are here for you. Welcome to the... GloryCloudCoffee.com FAMILY!!!

 If you need ideas for tea brewing [steeping], come on over and visit with us or email through our Contact Us page. Our instructions are on the bottom of our labels and on our product descriptions here on this lovely website. The steeping instructions are designed to get the best flavor [taste on your tongue and aroma] for that particular tea or herbal. If you leave the steeper in for an extra long time period, the hot water will continue extracting anti-oxidants. This will increase the health benefits from each product and might lead to a less pleasurable beverage as it becomes more bitter.

We have several other types of steepers and get others if you need or desire something different. Only the tiny mesh paper filters keep all the 'fines' out of your beverage. Don't be afraid of those fine particles in your drink. It is basically a food product so they are safe to drink, unless your stomach doesn't like them.



Together: "We Make Life Taste Better" in every way. Thanks to our Arabica Q Grader [like a wine sommelier; only more rare], we provide the finest hand-craft roasted coffee (from the holy grail of green coffee beans), extravagant loose-leaf teas and herbal drinks from the best Fair Trade ethically sourced ingredients available on the planet. We are here to provide you the best products, educate you about coffees and teas, get you excited about amazing health benefits and make your beverages more flavorful and aromatic to improve your life and flavor pleasure.

Fresh Craft Roasted Coffee

Applying art & science, we strive to roast each bean in a way that allows the true hidden flavor to be revealed and enjoyed. Discover coffee in a way you may never have experienced before. You will agree with our friends, "I never knew coffee could taste so good by itself."

Hand Crafted Tea

Loose leaf tea expresses itself boldly and best when allowed to bloom outside of a bag of clippings as in one of our fancy steepers. Without constriction the aromas and flavors pop allowing you to discover tea like never before. Unleash your tea passion. Your soul has been waiting for this. These antioxidants might change your life.

Rich Herbal Drinks

These amazing aromatic drinks are full of life and flavor. You will find a variety of herbs and fruits here, but very little if, any caffeine or sugar. These just might transform your life. Your body will love absorbing the natural plant benefits found in nature.



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