Why Does My Coffee Taste so Terrible?

Why Does My Coffee Taste so Terrible?

Does My Morning Drink Have to Taste Bad to Wake Me Up?

Have you ever tasted a fresh, wonderful cup of coffee or loose leaf tea that you did not want to add stuff to? We are here to change your life by providing you great tasting coffee and teas to wake you up and keep you going throughout the day. I will give you some quick coffee tips for how to make your life taste better. After all, a happy palate will transform your mind through a great emotional encounter with a tasty perk-you-up beverage. If you are drinking caffeine and putting up with bitter, nasty tastes; we are here to change your world.

Sounds extreme, but it is! You do not have to force-feed-your-face with strong, bold camp fire residue just to wake up in the morning or keep you going after your doughnut break. So, what do we have to offer and why should you care? I am glad you asked.

How does Glory Cloud Coffee Make Anyone’s Life Taste Better?

The secret is an extremely detailed mixture of art and science behind our craft. Our recipes for sourcing and roasting each coffee are designed by our expert consultant. He is an Arabica Q Grader for specialty coffee. This is a world-wide recognized coffee sommelier certification which takes many hours and years of training to complete and pass while still having an 80% failure rate. He passed this on his first attempt while struggling with a sinus infection! His 15 years of coffee experience and passion set him apart in the field. As he developed our processes it was like watching an episode of “Chef’s Table.”

We now have roast profiles for every country of origin, type of coffee seed [bean] processing and elevation where our coffees are grown. The roasting process is a mixture of science and art as we have to pay attention to local weather conditions: outside temperature, barometric pressure and humidity all impact our roasts and some coffee brewing methods [mainly espresso]. The rabbit hole only goes deeper from here, so we will pause for you to visit us for more lessons as we give you a few quick pointers for home brewing.

Home Coffee Brewing Tips

  • Friends don’t let friends use percolators! This is bitter, nasty and acidic because brewed coffee is continually boiling back through coffee grounds to be brewed again, thus over-extracting.
  • K-Cups: packaged cups contain ground coffee which must de-gas and go stale prior to packaging or the lids would explode off the cups. If you must…buy a reusable cup you can put freshly ground coffee in and then brew.
  • For best freshness and taste at home, grind within one hour of preparing. A burr grinder is ideal because it breaks the beans apart into similar sized particles which allow the hot water to evenly extract the coffee. A blade grinder such as in a blender creates a variety of particle sizes. If that is your only option, toss out the very fine dust at the bottom because that will dissolve into your beverage making it very bitter with a nasty acidity that can sour your stomach.
  • For most hot brews bring the water near boiling, remove from heat for 30 seconds then brew. If you have an electric drip maker you may want to replace the machine if the temperature of the freshly brewed coffee is not above 185 degrees because the heating element is probably worn out; therefore, it cannot make a good pot of coffee

I hope you enjoyed this little teaser sample of information. Come visit us for all your wholesale and retail coffee and tea needs so we can help you change the world for the better. Thank you for being wonderful.

Scott Coleman

CEO - Integrator

Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters

10 Greg St., Unit 122

Sparks, NV 89431 


Bio: Glory Cloud Coffee Roasters is a Sparks, Nevada business providing amazing artisan roasted coffees and loose leaf teas; including, caffeine free herbals. Their high quality products will dazzle your palate. They also specialize in customer service with a talented team who live up to their motto and core value: Honor All. “We Make Life Taste Better.”


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